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Where we are

Audrey Burton House
Telephone: Reception: 01423 639877 (9.30-12.30 – everyday except Thursday - no advice on this line)
Adviceline: 08444 231231
Fax: 01423 231231

Our advice sessions

Due to very high demand for the drop in interviews we suggest that you arrive early to be allocated a place.

Mon: 09.30 – 12.00 Drop in for 10 minute assessment interview.
Tue: 09.30 – 12.00 Drop in for 10 minute assessment interview.
Wed: 09.30 – 12.00 Drop in for 10 minute assessment interview.
Thu: * * * By appointment only – NO drop in sessions * * *
Fri: 09.30 – 12.00 Drop in for 10 minute assessment interview.

Advice Via Internet

CAB Advice Guide
Get advice online

What do Harrogate Citizens Advice Bureau do?

Harrogate Citizens Advice Bureau provides a general advice service by our fully trained volunteers for drop-in clients, appointments and telephone callers. Our specialist services include:

  • legal aid work in welfare benefits, debt and employment
  • money advice and a repossession desk
  • specialist disability information service
  • legal clinic with local solicitors
  • change of name surgery with a local magistrate.

We have 50 volunteers and 12 paid members of staff. Our premises and car park are fully accessible.

Things to do in case of unemployment

Every working individual, regardless of the nature of their activity, knows that building a career also means being prepared for a period of unemployment. This implies a savings plan made in advance and a backup solution prepared for the day when you eventually end a contract or a project. More than often, these measures are neglected by employees who see their position as an unwavering privilege. It is these individuals who usually take the hardest fall and have to deal with a personal economic crisis once they are dismissed from their job. If you find yourself in this situation, here are a few tips that might help you overcome it.

Cut off unnecessary expenses

It might be a while before you will be able to obtain a paying job. Before you end up borrowing money from family, friends and even banks, consider rationing your savings no matter how slim they are. Prioritize your weekly expenses like paying for bills, buying food, medicine and basic personal care products, the rest of the money will have to stay safely in your pockets. This means that you will spend less money on Saturday night parties and more time on Live Sex Cams at http://www.camplace.com during the weekend. Your friends will understand your situation and you will have more time to concentrate on getting a new job.


You have just left your office for the last time as a member of the company and you feel the whole world weighing hard on your shoulders. However, it does not have to be that way. Right now, time is the essence, so try to update your resume as soon as possible and apply for new jobs. You can form new contacts on Live Sex Cams or even connect with some of your old clients. Ask them if they have an open position or at least a short-term project on which they might require a little help.

Keep your skills up to date

When a work contract is abruptly ended, we tend to feel confused and uncertain of our own skills. Sometimes, we even ponder a new career in a field that has no correlation with the job that we have studied and prepared for years before our dismissal. Some people even apply to work for Live Sex Cams companies, even if their experience is irrelevant. What you need to do in case of unemployment is to invest in your abilities and keep them relevant for future employers. Spend your free time discovering more aspects of your profession and you will be ready for a future job interview.

Acquire an online persona

These days, most of the working industries have strong bonds with the virtual medium. Employers actually search online for details about future candidates to make sure that they are investing in a professional person. So, take the time to update your professional CV on job-related platforms and make sure that your Live Sex Cams account or embarrassing photographs on your social media account are not available for others to see. Build your online image to be as professional as possible.

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