Adding-Up the Cost of Education

Harrogate Citizens Advice Bureau: Adding-Up the Cost of Education

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Has your school signed up to the Harrogate CAB Good Policies Protocol?

We are calling for all state education schools in Harrogate and the surrounding area to sign-up to promote consistently good policies by adopting sensible cost-cutting on school uniforms and school trips.

We are also calling for parents and guardians of school aged children to support this initiative by asking schools to commit to the achievable policies laid out in the protocol.

Harrogate CAB Adding-Up Research Project


  • The research project was underpinned by the National Adding-Up Campaign that includes a ‘Recession Busting Top Ten Tips’ and Government Guidelines.

What we did

  • We designed and carried out research to measure school policies practices in the area.
  • We sent a school uniform questionnaire and school trip questionnaire to every school in the area.
  • We did a bureau sample survey with client’s who had school aged children in a state school in the Harrogate district or surrounding area.
  • We had a face-to-face semi-structure interview with a Local Authority representative


  • We used comparative data to identify good, poor or misguided practices
  • Produced a comprehensive report with findings and recommendations
  • We sent the report to key organisations and persons
  • We sent the reports key findings to all the schools in the area

The Result: An achievable ‘Good Policies Protocol’

The protocol includes:


  • The school is working towards consistent good practices throughout the Harrogate District by adopting practices set out in the Harrogate CAB Protocol


The uniforms have either been:

  • Sourced because they are good value for money and the school passes those savings on by selling to families at cost


  • The uniform is available from a wide-range of suppliers

And (if appropriate)

  • There are sew-on logos available
  • The school gives more than 12 months notice before we change any part of the uniform
  • The school limits uniforms items, sports kits and equipment to a minimum requirement
  • The school limits the amount of times they ask for voluntary contribution for school trips to three times or less per term


  • The school uses several methods to communicate with student’s families about general services and specific help available in the school including school prospectus, school web-site, general newsletters and specific letters home and public notice-board in the reception area
  • The school makes students’ families aware that help is available with uniform cost in the school including having recycled/pre-used uniforms available
  • The school makes it clear that voluntary contributions for school trips are not compulsory
  • Budgeting schemes are available for more expensive trips


  • The school offers a number of trips that are available to all students
  • The school limits the number of expensive holiday style trips (if appropriate)

Specific Impact on Single Parents, Low Income Families and/or Larger Families

  • There are specific funds and/or fund-raising for single parents, low income families and/or larger families beyond those eligible for FSM

Environmental and Practicality

  • Recycling of school uniforms, residential trip wear, sports kit and equipment are in operation in the school

Uniforms are practical and age appropriate:

  • Younger students uniforms wash well and older student’s uniforms take into account that they may be travelling to school on foot or by bicycle

Please apply for a protocol certificate if you already have these policies in place in your school or are working towards them.

PDF Download Protocol Application Form

Message from Local Education Authority


Harrogate CAB social policy report

National CAB Adding-Up Campaign


Schools that have been awarded the ‘Good Policies Protocol’

  • Oatlands Infant School, Harrogate
  • St Cuthberts C of E Primary School, Pateley Bridge
  • St John’s C of E Primary School, Knaresborough
  • St Roberts Catholic Primary School, Harrogate
  • Grove Road Community Primary School, Harrogate
  • Glasshouses Community Primary School, Glasshouses
  • Boroughbridge Primary School, Boroughbridge
  • Saltergate Junior School, Harrogate
  • New Park Community Primary School, Harrogate

Schools that are working towards some of the policies and have been awarded the ‘Good Policies Protocol’

  • Burnt Yates C of E Primary School, Burnt Yates
  • Harrogate High School
  • Nidderdale High School
  • Richard Taylor C of E Primary School, Harrogate

Supporting Councillors

    • Cllr John Fox, Granby (2)
    • Cllr Matt Hill, Pannal (8)
    • Cllr Steven Jackson, Saltergate (10)
    • Cllr Greta Knight, Woodfield (13)
    • Cllr C M Leather, Ouseburn (30)
    • Cllr Pat Marsh, Hookstone (5)
    • Cllr Reg Marsh, Hookstone (5)
    • Cllr Jennifer Travena, Granby (2)
    • Cllr Michael Harrison, Killinghall (23)